AttributeResultExt: helper trait to convert Result<O, E> to Result<O, NodeError>

parent 199930a4
......@@ -105,6 +105,38 @@ impl From<cairo::Status> for RenderingError {
/// Helper for converting `Result<O, E>` into `Result<O, NodeError>`
/// A `NodeError` requires an `Attribute` to which the error refers,
/// plus the actual `ValueErrorKind` that describes the error. However,
/// parsing functions for attribute value types will want to return their
/// own kind of error, instead of `ValueErrorKind`. If that particular error
/// type has an `impl From<FooError> for ValueErrorKind`, then this
/// trait helps assign attribute values in `set_atts()` methods as follows:
/// ```ignore
/// use error::AttributeResultExt;
/// // fn parse_foo(...) -> Result<Foo, FooError>
/// // It is assumed that there is an impl From<FooError> for ValueErrorKind
/// = parse_foo(value).attribute(Attribute::Foo)?;
/// ```
/// The call to `.attribute(attr)` converts the `Result` from `parse_foo()` into a full
/// `NodeError` with the provided `attr`.
pub trait AttributeResultExt<O, E> {
fn attribute(self, attr: Attribute) -> Result<O, NodeError>;
impl<O, E: Into<ValueErrorKind>> AttributeResultExt<O, E> for Result<O, E> {
fn attribute(self, attr: Attribute) -> Result<O, NodeError> {
self.map_err(|e| e.into())
.map_err(|e| NodeError::attribute_error(attr, e))
#[derive(Debug, Clone)]
pub enum LoadingError {
// Could not parse data: URL
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