ViewParams: new struct to hold values required for Length normalization

We'll decouple Length from DrawingCtx with this.
parent 08663afb
......@@ -39,6 +39,14 @@ use tree::{RsvgTree, Tree};
use unitinterval::UnitInterval;
use viewbox::ViewBox;
/// Holds values that are required to normalize `Length` values to a current viewport.
pub struct ViewParams {
pub dpi_x: f64,
pub dpi_y: f64,
pub view_box_width: f64,
pub view_box_height: f64,
pub enum RsvgDrawingCtx {}
pub struct DrawingCtx<'a> {
......@@ -171,6 +179,15 @@ impl<'a> DrawingCtx<'a> {
pub fn get_view_params(&self) -> ViewParams {
ViewParams {
dpi_x: self.dpi_x,
dpi_y: self.dpi_y,
view_box_width: self.vb.0.width,
view_box_height: self.vb.0.height,
pub fn get_dpi(&self) -> (f64, f64) {
(self.dpi_x, self.dpi_y)
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