Avoid overflow in gint multiplication

In the convolution matrix filter code, we read the orderx and ordery for the convolution
matrix.  However, multiplying them as gints may overflow.

Found by fuzz testing when orderx = ordery = 65536

Fuzz testing kindly provided by Atte Kettunen <attekett@gmail.com>
From librsvg-fuzz case rsvgconvert-060-3ef-705-f72.svg
Signed-off-by: Federico Mena Quintero's avatarFederico Mena Quintero <federico@gnome.org>
parent 8c71bac8
......@@ -1251,9 +1251,8 @@ rsvg_filter_primitive_convolve_matrix_set_atts (RsvgNode * self,
if ((value = rsvg_property_bag_lookup (atts, "order"))) {
double tempx, tempy;
rsvg_css_parse_number_optional_number (value, &tempx, &tempy);
filter->orderx = tempx;
filter->ordery = tempy;
filter->orderx = MAX (tempx, G_MAXINT);
filter->ordery = MAX (tempy, G_MAXINT);
if ((value = rsvg_property_bag_lookup (atts, "kernelUnitLength")))
rsvg_css_parse_number_optional_number (value, &filter->dx, &filter->dy);
......@@ -1273,7 +1272,7 @@ rsvg_filter_primitive_convolve_matrix_set_atts (RsvgNode * self,
rsvg_defs_register_name (ctx->priv->defs, value, &filter->super.super);
if ((gint) listlen != filter->orderx * filter->ordery)
if ((gint64) listlen != (gint64) filter->orderx * filter->ordery)
filter->orderx = filter->ordery = 0;
if (filter->divisor == 0) {
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