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......@@ -82,3 +82,33 @@ that is "in error". However, most implementations simply seem to
ignore erroneous elements instead of completely stopping rendering,
and we do the same in librsvg.
## Element attributes and specified/computed values
Some HTML or SVG engines like Gecko / Servo make a very clear
distinction between "specified values" and "computed values" for
element attributes. Currently librsvg doesn't have a clear
Unspecified attributes cause librsvg to use defaults, some as per the
spec, and some (erroneously) as values that seemed to make sense at
the time of implementation. Please help us find these and make them
For specified attributes, sometimes the set_atts() methods will
validate the values and resolve them to their final computed form, and
sometimes they will just store them as they come in the SVG data. The
computed or actually used values will be generated at rendering time.
# Rendering
The public `rsvg_handle_render_cairo()` and `rsvg_handle_cairo_sub()`
functions initiate a rendering process; the first function just calls
the second one with the root element of the SVG.
This second function creates `RsvgDrawingCtx`, which contains the
rendering state. This structure gets passed around into all the
rendering functions. It carries the vtable for rendering in the
`render` field, the CSS state for the node being rendered in the
`state` field, and other values which are changed as rendering
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