Implement parse_or_default() in terms of parse_or_value()

parent 3baaa204
......@@ -82,15 +82,9 @@ pub fn parse_or_none<T> (pbag: *const RsvgPropertyBag, key: &'static str) -> Res
pub fn parse_or_default<T> (pbag: *const RsvgPropertyBag, key: &'static str) -> Result <T, NodeError>
where T: Default + FromStr<Err = AttributeError>
where T: Default + FromStr<Err = AttributeError> + Copy
let r = parse_or_none::<T> (pbag, key);
match r {
Ok (Some (v)) => Ok (v),
Ok (None) => Ok (T::default ()),
Err (e) => Err (e)
parse_or_value (pbag, key, T::default ())
pub fn parse_or_value<T> (pbag: *const RsvgPropertyBag, key: &'static str, value: T) -> Result <T, NodeError>
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