drawing_ctx.rs: Return values of gboolean map to glib_sys::gboolean, not bool

parent 35042a16
extern crate glib_sys;
extern crate glib;
extern crate cairo;
extern crate cairo_sys;
......@@ -58,8 +59,8 @@ extern "C" {
fn rsvg_state_new () -> *mut RsvgState;
fn rsvg_state_reinit (state: *mut RsvgState);
fn rsvg_state_reconstruct (state: *mut RsvgState, node: *const RsvgNode);
fn rsvg_state_is_overflow (state: *const RsvgState) -> bool;
fn rsvg_state_get_cond_true (state: *const RsvgState) -> bool;
fn rsvg_state_is_overflow (state: *const RsvgState) -> glib_sys::gboolean;
fn rsvg_state_get_cond_true (state: *const RsvgState) -> glib_sys::gboolean;
fn rsvg_state_push (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx);
fn rsvg_state_pop (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx);
......@@ -208,11 +209,11 @@ pub fn state_reconstruct (state: *mut RsvgState, node: *const RsvgNode) {
pub fn state_is_overflow (state: *const RsvgState) -> bool {
unsafe { rsvg_state_is_overflow (state) }
unsafe { from_glib (rsvg_state_is_overflow (state)) }
pub fn state_get_cond_true (state: *const RsvgState) -> bool {
unsafe { rsvg_state_get_cond_true (state) }
unsafe { from_glib (rsvg_state_get_cond_true (state)) }
pub fn state_push (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx) {
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