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......@@ -2,8 +2,17 @@ Version 2.45.5
- At build time, you can now pass $CARGO and $RUSTC environment
variables if you need to override the default Rust toolchain.
Please see COMPILING.md for details. (Tobias Kortkamp)
- Fix #405 - In the gdk-pixbuf loader, don't crash the write()
- Fix #405 - In the gdk-pixbuf loader, don't crash if the write()
function doesn't receive a GError.
- Fix #268 - Remove the comp-op property; it's not in SVG 1.1 nor SVG 2.
- Fix #415 - register RsvgHandleFlags and the RsvgError enum values in
a thread-safe fashion (Sebastian Dröge).
- All of the library's non-GObject functionality is implemented in
Rust now.
- Update the cairo crate (Kornel Lesiński).
- Clean up the loading code paths (Paolo Borelli).
- Updated compilation docs for Debian (Jordan Petridis)
- Updated parts of the reference documentation.
Version 2.45.4
- Brown paper bag release, my apologies.
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