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......@@ -161,19 +161,14 @@ of CI pipelines will fail:
indentation, but don't want it to make changes on its own:
`cargo fmt --all -- --check`
***Installing rustfmt*** As of 2018/Jun, our continuous integration
pipeline assumes the Rust nightly version of rustfmt. You can install
it with
***Installing rustfmt*** As of 2018/Sep, our continuous integration
pipeline assumes the version of rustfmt that is distributed through the
nightly channel of [rustup]( You can install it with
cargo +nightly install --force rustfmt-nightly
rustup component add rustfmt-preview --toolchain=nightly
Note that rustfmt changes frequently. If the CI pipeline fails on the
`Lint` stage because your code is formatted differently, try updating
your rustfmt. Hopefully this will stabilize once rustfmt reaches
version 1.0.
### Test suite
Please make sure that the test suite passes with the changes in your
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