Commit 2f88a46d authored by Dom Lachowicz's avatar Dom Lachowicz

mega hack to make multiImage sort-of work

parent a60a8e36
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
* test-display.c: Populate save dialogs with the SVG's name. Bug #318010.
* Ditto
* rsvg-structure.c: Related to bug #318025, don't set has_width or has_height unless they are > 0.
* rsvg.c: Bug #168567, mega hack to make multiImage sort-of work.
2005-10-4 Caleb Moore <>
......@@ -257,6 +257,15 @@ rsvg_filter_handler_start (RsvgHandle *ctx, const xmlChar *name,
newnode = rsvg_new_filter_primitive_light_source('s');
else if (!strcmp ((char *)name, "fePointLight"))
newnode = rsvg_new_filter_primitive_light_source('p');
/* hack to make multiImage sort-of work */
else if (!strcmp ((char *)name, "multiImage"))
newnode = rsvg_new_switch();
else if (!strcmp ((char *)name, "subImageRef"))
newnode = rsvg_new_image();
else if (!strcmp ((char *)name, "subImage"))
newnode = rsvg_new_group();
if (newnode)
rsvg_node_set_atts(newnode, ctx, atts);
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