Inline rsvg_load_set_node_atts() in its only caller

parent 05406503
......@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ use glib::translate::*;
use glib_sys;
use handle::{self, RsvgHandle};
use load::{rsvg_load_new_node, rsvg_load_set_node_atts};
use node::{box_node, Node, RsvgNode};
use load::rsvg_load_new_node;
use node::{box_node, Node, NodeType, RsvgNode};
use property_bag::PropertyBag;
use tree::{RsvgTree, Tree};
use util::utf8_cstr;
......@@ -102,7 +102,16 @@ impl XmlState {
rsvg_load_set_node_atts(handle, &new_node, name, pbag);
new_node.set_atts(&new_node, handle, pbag);
// The "svg" node is special; it will load its id/class
// attributes until the end, when sax_end_element_cb() calls
// rsvg_node_svg_apply_atts()
if new_node.get_type() != NodeType::Svg {
new_node.parse_style_attributes(handle, name, pbag);
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