Update NEWS and librsvg.doap; add MAINTAINERS

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Federico Mena Quintero
E-mail: federico@gnome.org
Userid: federico
Version 2.40.7
- Bugs fixed from fuzz testing: #703102, #738050, #738169
- Bugs fixed from fuzz testing: #703102, #738050, #738169, #744299
- Fixed unfiled bug from fuzz testing, where the convolution filter
had an integer multiplication overflow.
- Fix build of rsvg-convert on Windows
Version 2.40.6
......@@ -5,25 +5,24 @@
<name xml:lang="en">librsvg</name>
<shortdesc xml:lang="en">A SVG viewing library</shortdesc>
<shortdesc xml:lang="en">An SVG rendering library</shortdesc>
<homepage rdf:resource="http://librsvg.sourceforge.net/" />
<mailing-list rdf:resource="http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=librsvg-devel" />
<category rdf:resource="http://api.gnome.org/doap-extensions#core" />
<foaf:name>Hiroyuki Ikezoe</foaf:name>
<foaf:mbox rdf:resource="mailto:hiikezoe@gnome.org" />
librsvg is a library to render SVG documents into GdkPixbuf images or
Cairo contexts in general. It is used throughout GNOME to render things
like scalable icons, from image viewers to view SVGs easily, or to generate
thumbnails for SVG files.
<foaf:name>Christian Persch</foaf:name>
<foaf:mbox rdf:resource="mailto:chpe%40gnome.org" />
<foaf:name>Federico Mena Quintero</foaf:name>
<foaf:mbox rdf:resource="mailto:federico@gnome.org" />
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