Commit 255a4616 authored by Caleb Michael Moore's avatar Caleb Michael Moore

style override reversal

parent 0eb4279d
2005-2-7 Caleb Moore <>
* rsvg-styles.c: made a consistant framework for combining states
* rsvg-styles.c: made a consistent framework for combining states
* rsvg-shapes.c: subtle rewrite of <use> to allow things to be instanced before they are actually specified.
* rsvg.c: treat <a> tag like <g> tag for now
* rsvg-styles.c: made style override any attributes, as per what the w3 guys told me to do when I asked them what had preference. Now pirate flags and stuff look right.
2005-01-28 Dom Lachowicz <>
......@@ -1342,12 +1342,12 @@ rsvg_parse_style_attrs (RsvgHandle * ctx,
const char * value;
rsvg_parse_style_pairs (ctx, state, atts);
if ((value = rsvg_property_bag_lookup (atts, "style")) != NULL)
rsvg_parse_style (ctx, state, value);
if ((value = rsvg_property_bag_lookup (atts, "transform")) != NULL)
rsvg_parse_transform_attr (ctx, state, value);
rsvg_parse_style_pairs (ctx, state, atts);
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