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Version 2.44.8
- Librsvg now requires Rust 1.27; this should have happened since
2.44.0. Apologies if the 2.44.x series didn't catch this build
failure early for you.
- Librsvg now requires Cairo 1.15.12.
- Fix #363 - Don't drop spaces around <tspan> elements.
- Fix #365 - rsvg-convert now uses pixel units for SVG output, instead
of points. This requires cairo 1.15.12 (Antonio Ospite).
- Fix #358, #366 - tweaks to have the test suite pass on i386 and
non-x86_64 platforms (Simon McVittie, Federico Mena).
- Fix #368 - With RSVG_LOG=1, librsvg will now report when SVGs have
references to nonexistent elements, to aid debugging (for example,
in an xlink:href attribute).
- Allow reference tests with a small difference to pass without
breaking the build (Simon McVittie).
Version 2.44.7
- Fix #256 - Correctly match the systemLanguage attribute with the
user's locale.
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