New function rsvg_node_draw() just to call the vmethod

parent 8a528b61
......@@ -381,6 +381,12 @@ rsvg_node_set_atts (RsvgNode *node, RsvgHandle *handle, RsvgPropertyBag *atts)
node->vtable->set_atts (node, handle, atts);
rsvg_node_draw (RsvgNode *node, RsvgDrawingCtx *draw, int dominate)
node->vtable->draw (node, draw, dominate);
static void
node_set_atts (RsvgNode * node, RsvgHandle * ctx, const NodeCreator *creator, RsvgPropertyBag * atts)
......@@ -359,6 +359,9 @@ RsvgNode *rsvg_node_get_parent (RsvgNode *node);
void rsvg_node_set_atts (RsvgNode *node, RsvgHandle *handle, RsvgPropertyBag *atts);
void rsvg_node_draw (RsvgNode *node, RsvgDrawingCtx *draw, int dominate);
/* Used to iterate among a node's children with rsvg_node_foreach_child().
* If this caller-supplied function returns FALSE, iteration will stop.
* Otherwise, iteration will continue to the next child node.
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ rsvg_node_draw_from_stack (RsvgNode * self, RsvgDrawingCtx * ctx, int dominate)
if (state->visible) {
rsvg_state_push (ctx);
self->vtable->draw (self, ctx, dominate);
rsvg_node_draw (self, ctx, dominate);
rsvg_state_pop (ctx);
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