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Version 2.44.0
- Librsvg now has minimal logging for debugging by setting the
RSVG_LOG environment variable. See CONTRIBUTING.md for details.
- Speed improvements for Gaussian blur, SRGB conversions, and various
filters (Ivan Molodetskikh).
- Fix #264 - the letter-spacing property now supports "normal" in
addition to lengths (Paolo Borelli).
- Fix #318 - the font-weight property was being parsed incorrectly.
- Fix #323 - don't use 100% "forever" with malicious SVGs that cause
an exponential number of elements to be instanced through the
<use> element. We limit the number of <use> instances now.
- Fix #293 - Don't panic when masking an empty group.
- Fix #319 - Parse single font-family correctly.
- Cleanups for the internal representation of elliptical arcs in paths
Version 2.43.4
- This is an early release to test the effects of threading in librsvg.
- The lighting and Gaussian blur filters are now parallelized with
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