Documentation for rsvg_handle_render_layer()

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......@@ -1291,6 +1291,40 @@ rsvg_handle_get_geometry_for_layer (RsvgHandle *handle,
* rsvg_handle_render_layer:
* @handle: An #RsvgHandle
* @cr: A Cairo context
* @id: (nullable): An element's id within the SVG, starting with "##" (a single
* hash character), for example, "##layer1". This notation corresponds to a
* URL's fragment ID. Alternatively, pass %NULL to render the whole SVG document tree.
* @viewport: Viewport size at which the whole SVG would be fitted.
* @error: (allow-none): a location to store a #GError, or %NULL
* Renders a single SVG element in the same place as for a whole SVG document.
* This is equivalent to rsvg_handle_render_document(), but it renders only a
* single element and its children, as if they composed an individual layer in
* the SVG. The element is rendered with the same transformation matrix as it
* has within the whole SVG document. Applications can use this to re-render a
* single element and repaint it on top of a previously-rendered document, for
* example.
* Element IDs should look like an URL fragment identifier; for example, pass
* "##foo" (hash <literal>foo</literal>) to get the geometry of the element that
* has an <literal>id="foo"</literal> attribute.
* You can pass #NULL for the @id if you want to render all
* the elements in the SVG, i.e. to render everything from the
* root element.
* API ordering: This function must be called on a fully-loaded @handle. See
* the section <link href="#API-ordering">API ordering</link> for details.
* Panics: this function will panic if the @handle is not fully-loaded.
* Since: 2.46
rsvg_handle_render_layer (RsvgHandle *handle,
cairo_t *cr,
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