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Version 2.45.7
- Fix #463 - Don't panic if an SVG has character data outside the
first element.
- Fix #467: Don't panic when there's an xi:include fallback with no
parent element. Thanks to Bastien Orivel for running afl-fuzz
on librsvg.
- Fix #471: Fix blurry semi-opaque objects when rendering with a
scaled transformation. Thanks to the gnome-games people for
isolating a test case and to Evgeniy Reizner for providing a more
minimal one.
- #452 - In librsvg_crate, SvgHandle now has a ::has_element_with_id()
- rsvg-convert now catches the case where the SVG has no dimensions.
- The poly element no longer supports "verts" as an alias for the
"points" attribute. The "verts" name was only used in SVG pre-1.0,
and we had been cargo-culting that name ever since.
- We now use more machinery from Mozilla Servo, in this case the
markup5ever and rust-selectors crates. This is in line with
gradually replacing libcroco with a Rust-only CSS machinery.
- Lots and lots of refactoring and cleanups (Paolo Borelli).
- Update some dependencies (Bastien Orivel).
Version 2.45.6
- Librsvg now requires Rust 1.30.0 or later.
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