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    Use an accessor function rsvg_node_get_parent() throughout · d1ef96e0
    Federico Mena Quintero authored
    Also, fix a three-part hack:
    1. rsvg_standard_element_start() would set the new node's parent right
       there, in redundant fashion to where rsvg_node_group_pack() sets the
       node's parent.
    2. Make rsvg_standard_element_start() add the new node to its parent
       before node->set_atts() gets called...
    3. ... so that rsvg_stop_set_atts() doesn't have to set its own parent
       to ctx->priv->currentnode (!) because the stop's node hasn't been
       parented yet.  This was the only place where a node->parent gets
       overwritten after creation.
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