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    rsvg_defs_lookup(): Do not allow looking up extern references · 3559b3e6
    Federico Mena Quintero authored
    This function gets called directly from the public API, and a calling
    application should not be allowed to lookup an element with a name
    like "some-random-file#element_id", that is, the app should not be
    able to cause files to be read if they are not within the set of
    resources that the SVG actually references.
    The test is robust (only fragment IDs without a URL are allowed), but
    will inadvertently print a g_warning if someone runs rsvg-convert like
        rsvg-convert -i 'foo#bar' -o x.png x.svg
    We may be able to get rid of that g_warning once the public API is
    implemented in Rust, so it can have access to the URL parsing machinery.
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