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Contributing to librsvg

Thank you for looking in this file!  There are different ways of
contributing to librsvg, and we appreciate all of them.

* [Source repository](#source-code)
* [Reporting bugs](#reporting-bugs)
* [Feature requests](#feature-requests)
* [Pull requests](#pull-requests)

There is a code of conduct for contributors to librsvg; please see the
file ``.

## Source repository

Librsvg's main source repository is at  You can view
the web interface here:

Development happens in the master branch.  There are also branches for
stable releases.

Alternatively, you can use the mirror at Github:

Note that we don't do bug tracking in the Github mirror; see the next

## Reporting bugs

Please report bugs at

If you want to report a rendering bug, or a missing SVG feature,
please provide an example SVG file as an attachment to your bug
report.  It really helps if you can minimize the SVG to only the
elements required to reproduce the bug or see the missing feature, but
it is not absolutely required.  Please be careful of publishing SVG
images that you don't want other people to see; the bug tracker is a
public resource and attachments are visible to everyone.

## Feature requests

Librsvg aims to be a small and relatively simple SVG rendering
library.  Currently we do not plan to support scripting, animation, or
interactive features like mouse events on SVG elements.

However, we *do* aim go provide good support for SVG's graphical
features.  Please see the "[reporting bugs](#reporting-bugs)" section for
information about our bug tracking system; feature requests should be
directed there.

It is especially helpful if you file bug for a feature request along
with a sample SVG file.

## Pull requests

You may upload a forked version of librsvg
to [GNOME's Gitlab instance][gitlab], and create a pull request there.

Although all of ``'s modules are mirrored at Github, we
don't support pull requests from there.  Apologies for the
inconvenience - we do this to promote the use of free software,
including web-based services.  Please use [GNOME's Gitlab][gitlab] instead.

Please make sure that the test suite passes with the changes in your
branch.  The easiest way to run all the tests is to go to librsvg's
toplevel directory and run `make check`.  This will run both the small
unit tests and the black box tests in the `librsvg/tests` directory.

If you need to add new tests (you should, for new features, or for
things that we weren't testing!), or for additional information on how
the test suite works, please see the file `tests/`.