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      build: Check for PangoFT2/FontConfig availability · 46c8688a
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      On Windows the GTK+ stack does not hard depend on PangoFT2 (thus
      Fontconfig--GTK+ uses PangoWin32 to do the Font discovery and
      configuration stuff by default, unless one uses an envvar to force
      PangoFT2 usage), unlike *NIX platforms, so we need to check for
      it by doing:
      -On Windows, enable the test code that uses PangoFT2/FontConfig if
       PangoFT2 and FontConfig is found during configure.  On Visual Studio
       builds, this is set to be disabled in config.h.win32(.in), and can be
       manually enabled by uncommenting #define HAVE_PANGOFT2 1 in
       config.h.win32 prior to the build (or rebuild).  This continues to have
       FontConfig and PangoFT2 to act as an optional dependency.
      -On non-Windows platforms, make PangoFT2 and FontConfig a hard dependency,
       which is what the current code assumes.
      We might probably need to make the custom TTF load via PangoWin32 and/or
      the native Windows API to run the tests when PangoFT2 and FontConfig are
      not found on Windows.
      Also bump the Pango dependency to 1.38 as the test code uses API that is
      introduced in 1.38.x.
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