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......@@ -6,6 +6,27 @@ Version 2.47.2
"initial", and "unset" are disallowed. Most SVGs should still work
- #542 - Fix infinite loop when processing CSS sibling combinators.
- #408 - feImage filters no longer clip their output to integer
- #504 - Documentation for the Rust crate (available at
https://gnome.pages.gitlab.gnome.org/librsvg/doc/librsvg/) now has
API usage examples.
- Debug logs from RSVG_LOG=1 should now be more legible and contain
better information on invalid CSS.
- Remove link-time workarounds for Rust pre-1.35 (Kleis Auke Wolthuizen).
- Unify internal error types to share the CSS code with gnome-shell.
- Made handling of XML namespaces more spec-compliant.
- Lots of refactoring to start moving away from Cairo internals
(Paolo Borelli).
Version 2.47.1
- Librsvg no longer depends on libcroco! It now does all CSS
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