Commit 19677e7e authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch

Fix invalid cast and struct member access

ctx->render is a RsvgCairoClipRender here, and NOT a RsvgCairoRender.
I think the right thing here is to use the render->cr,
and not render->parent->cr.
parent fb04aa2e
......@@ -75,9 +75,9 @@ rsvg_cairo_clip_render_path (RsvgDrawingCtx * ctx, const RsvgBpathDef * bpath_de
rsvg_cairo_clip_apply_affine (render, state->affine);
if (rsvg_current_state (ctx)->clip_rule == FILL_RULE_EVENODD)
cairo_set_fill_rule (((RsvgCairoRender *) ctx->render)->cr, CAIRO_FILL_RULE_EVEN_ODD);
cairo_set_fill_rule (cr, CAIRO_FILL_RULE_EVEN_ODD);
else /* state->fill_rule == FILL_RULE_NONZERO */
cairo_set_fill_rule (((RsvgCairoRender *) ctx->render)->cr, CAIRO_FILL_RULE_WINDING);
cairo_set_fill_rule (cr, CAIRO_FILL_RULE_WINDING);
for (i = 0; i < bpath_def->n_bpath; i++) {
bpath = &bpath_def->bpath[i];
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