Commit cb413ab8 authored by Tom Schoonjans's avatar Tom Schoonjans Committed by Christian Hergert

python: fix use of PeasExtension with GInitiallyUnowned

This patch fixes a segfault which occurred whenever instantiating an
object that derived from GInitiallyUnowned, such as GtkWidget.
parent 3519643c
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......@@ -123,6 +123,10 @@ peas_plugin_loader_python_create_extension (PeasPluginLoader *loader,
if (object == NULL)
goto out;
/* Sink floating references if necessary */
if (g_object_is_floating (object))
g_object_ref_sink (object);
/* We have to remember which interface we are instantiating
* for the deprecated peas_extension_get_extension_type().
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