Commit 26b7374d authored by Ting-Wei Lan's avatar Ting-Wei Lan Committed by Christian Hergert

build: Try the name of Lua 5.1 used on FreeBSD

parent af99d0e3
Pipeline #144570 passed with stages
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......@@ -118,10 +118,16 @@ endif
python2_dep = dependency('python2', version: python2_req, required: false)
pygobject_dep = dependency('pygobject-3.0', version: pygobject_req, required: false)
lua51_dep = dependency('lua51', version: lua_req, required: false)
if not lua51_dep.found()
lua51_dep = dependency('lua-5.1', version: lua_req, required: false)
luajit_dep = dependency('luajit', version: luajit_req, required: false)
lua_lgi_found = false
lua_lgi_ver = 'not found'
lua51_prg = find_program('lua5.1', required: false)
if not lua51_prg.found()
lua51_prg = find_program('lua51', required: false)
luajit_prg = find_program('luajit', required: false)
xmllint_prg = find_program('xmllint', required: false)
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