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Release libgweather 3.90.0 (snapshot)

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GWeather 3.90.0 (development snapshot)
Changes since GWeather 40.0
- New major API
- Remove uses of deprecated API
- Use explicit symbol versioning
- Move to gi-docgen for generating the API reference
- Remove the widgets, along with the GTK3 dependency
- Remove the dependency on gdk-pixbuf
- Fix a memory leak in GWeather.Info.get_location_name() [#80]
- Use the appropriate Unicode for temperature units [#8]
- Support building libgweather with libsoup3
- Translation updates
Changes in the locations database
- Add missing Italian capitals of provinces
- Add missing Spanish capitals of provinces
- Add Petrozavodsk city
- Add city Multan, Pakistan and Multan Airport
- Add Half Moon Bay for a coastal Bay Area reference
- Quetta and Peshawar added (cities in Pakistan)
- Added Albany Airport, Western Australia (YABA)
- Add Santa Fe city and its airport
- Fix Astrakhan' timezone [#83]
Version 40.0
......@@ -960,7 +990,7 @@ Version 2.29.91
* Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (Canberra, AU)
* Frank Solensky (St. Moritz, CH and Ankara, TR)
* Vincent Untz (Antartica)
* Alexander Shopov (bg)
* Petr Kovar (cs)
  • Is it porrenct versioning?

    3.90 is lower than 40.0 as version.

  • Edited by Emmanuele Bassi
  • So if it is for upcomming Gnome 42 version should be for exampel 42.0.apha1

  • No.

    The versioning scheme is not meant for libraries, like that topic clearly explains.

    Additionally, libgweather 4.0 (which is going to be released for GNOME 42, in March) is an API break release; as I recommend in my blog post and in the topics/issues on Discourse that I link from there, libgweather 4.0 should be packaged as libgweather4 or gweather-4, as it is going to be parallel installable with the older libgweather 3.x (and 40.0, which was sadly released with a weird version bump instead of continuing with the 3.x cycle).

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