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metno: Use compat 2.0 API

Version 1.9, which we were using, was deprecated and will be removed soon,
so migrate to the compat XML output of the v2.0 API.

Closes: #65
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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
#define XC(t) ((const xmlChar *)(t))
/* Reference for symbols at */
/* Reference for symbols at */
typedef struct {
int code;
GWeatherSky sky;
......@@ -444,12 +444,12 @@ metno_start_open (GWeatherInfo *info)
if (!loc->latlon_valid)
return FALSE;
/* see the description here: */
/* see the description here: */
latstr = _radians_to_degrees_str (loc->latitude);
lonstr = _radians_to_degrees_str (loc->longitude);
url = g_strdup_printf(";lon=%s", latstr, lonstr);
url = g_strdup_printf(";lon=%s", latstr, lonstr);
  • Please use "&" as parameter separator. According to the HTML5 spec ";" is no longer allowed. We currently rewrite this in Varnish, but that is a temporary measure that has been running for 4 years and is likely to disappear if we change cache/load balancer.

  • Filed as #72 (closed)

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g_debug ("metno_start_open, requesting: %s", url);
message = soup_message_new ("GET", url);
  • Also, for a correct temperature you should add the height above mean sea level in the "altitude" parameter. Without this we rely on a course topography model which can be inaccurate in areas that are not flat.

  • mentioned in issue #72 (closed)

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  • mentioned in issue #73

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  • Filed as #73

    although altitude is usually not data that we have available when making those requests.

  • True, for altitude you normally need a geolocation database with place name information, unless you have access to GPS like on mobile apps. This will complicate the library greatly, but allowing it to be passed from the app should be easy enough, e.g. from a preferences pane in the GNOME applet.

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