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      This is the *development* branch of LibGTop. It is indended · ca0cdbae
      Martin Baulig authored
      for people who want to help with the development of LibGTop and
      not for end-users.
      Please use the LIBGTOP_STABLE_1_0 branch (which is LibGTop 1.0.x)
      unless you're really a developer.
      If you're using LibGTop from CVS simply do a
      	cvs update -r LIBGTOP_STABLE_1_0
      to get the latest version from the stable branch.
      However, I'll periodically make snapshot releases from the development
      branch for Solaris users of LibGTop.
      They can be found at
      in near future.
      Using released tarballs from the development branch is a lot better than
      compiling directly from CVS since things in CVS may not always work as
      Note that releases from the developer branch are neither binary
      nor fully source compatible; you'll normally have to recompile
      everything that use them.
      October 1999
      Martin Baulig
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