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    gvc: Add "what did you plug in" support API · f3f6812e
    Bastien Nocera authored
    Add "audio-device-selection-needed" which will be emitted when a
    headphones, headset or microphone is plugged into a jack socket that
    cannot detect which type it was.
    Once the user of libgnome-volume-control has asked the user which type
    of device this was, they can call gvc_mixer_control_set_headset_port()
    to switch the ports for that configuration.
    Note that gvc_mixer_control_set_headset_port() supports passing the
    card ID, but the detection code only supports a single such device. When
    we find hardware that can support > 1 such device, we can test and
    implement support without breaking the API.
    Based on the original code by David Henningsson <david.henningsson@canonical.com>
    for the unity-settings-daemon
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