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  • v2017.2
    Release 2017.2
    Various new syscall wrapper APIs, O_TMPFILE support, copy_file_range().
    Mostly getting this out there so we have a regular release stream.
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 2281009b28f32de975cea70d00473279b0adc88bfa4494014af866192ccea66d6168f63ac389b427ed82f583c4105c4e79bbca3ccb05a5f8adf03b6a362a205b
  • v2017.1
    Release 2017.1
    A lot of stuff since last year's v2016.1. No particular reason now, I just
    decided it's about time for a tag.
    Alexander Larsson (2):
          Don't touch errno in glnx_fd_close
          glnx_release_lock_file - Don't close fd -1 (i.e. if we never locked)
    Colin Walters (32):
          console: Add an API to just emit text
          console: Fix glnx_console_text
          libcontainer: Always set PATH when running in new root
          fdio: Add glnx_stream_fstat
          Introduce glnx_gen_temp_name()
          dirfd: Fix inverted precondition in previous tmpname commit
          fdio: Add open_tmpfile_linkable() and link_tmpfile_at()
          fdio: Use correct dfd with O_TMPFILE in rename case
          fdio: Add unlinkat() in error paths for tmpfiles
          shutil: Use new API to iterate ensuring d_type
          Add --disable-otmpfile
          fdio: Only invoke fallocate() for sizes > 0
          libcontainer: Add a fd-relative API
          Remove libcontainer
          build: Add --enable-wrpseudo-compat
          fdio: Make GLnxFileCopyFlags actually flags
          dirfd: Set initialized flag for iters
          dirfd: Use better and faster random algorithm for gen_temp_name()
          xattrs: Handle xattrs changing size concurrently
          xattrs: Dedup fd reading code
          xattrs: Handle ERANGE
          xattrs: Add a test case for previous commits
          COPYING: Bump to LGPL 2.1 due to systemd import
          tests/xattrs: Fix possible NULL allocation
          fdio: Expose wrappers for renameat2() EXCHANGE and NOREPLACE
          errors: Add new glnx_throw_errno{,_prefix}() APIs
          errors: Add glnx_throw() and tests
          errors: Fix legacy set_prefix_error_from_errno()
          tests/xattrs: Skip on filesystems with no user xattr support
          Port most code (except fdio) to new style
          fdio: Mostly port to new code style
          fdio: Expose glnx_regfile_copy_bytes(), rewrite: GNU style, POSIX errno
    Dan Nicholson (1):
          Distribute libglnx.m4
    Jonathan Lebon (4):
          text_percent_internal: only pad right in the text case
          text_percent_internal: compare uints before printing
          fix bug found by -Wmaybe-uninitialized
          glnx-errors.h: add glnx_null_throw[_*] variants
    Philip Withnall (4):
          glnx-local-alloc: Make check for invalid FDs more general
          glnx-shutil: Add glnx_shutil_mkdir_p_at_open()
          glnx-dirfd: Add variants of glnx_mkdtempat() which open the directory
          glnx-fdio: Add wrappers around fstat() and fstatat() to handle errors
    Simon McVittie (1):
          Add missing files to libglnx distribution
    William Manley (1):
          listxattr: Don't assume that first call to listxattr gives correct size
    Yu Qi Zhang (1):
          fdio: Delete .tmp file on failure
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 8e6ca8e460b520daccda5f9d241947fcd9ca9403393fc64534eff5a61840f03ce673364689cbb07210dc8876f1ea66dda4bb8dd27bef1294f98f36cbebae2f4c
  • v2016.1
    Release 2016.1
    This is the first tag in this module, just figured it's time to cut a
    release.  Things have been relatively stable.
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 261d8eb07f56f77300ebfa81bbf3ad8a77c41ec32ac36a7c4267939263492372d1a57bd6bd2e6f2eb07910b8b755bf822aa75ca76b384696d6732d3227b55e69