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      Merge branch 'pr/glnx-no-chown' into 'master' · 4c9055ac
      Colin Walters authored
      glnx_file_copy_at: Add GLNX_FILE_COPY_NOCHOWN
      See merge request !22
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      glnx_file_copy_at: Add GLNX_FILE_COPY_NOCHOWN · 1345882d
      Jonathan Lebon authored
      In some contexts, we may want to copy a root-owned file but we're not
      running as root so we can't `fchown` it. (The case I'm interested in is
      actually a bit more obscure than this: running in a supermin VM as root,
      and wanting to copy a file we created onto a 9p mount where we don't
      have perms to `fchown`).
      Add a `GLNX_FILE_COPY_NOCHOWN` to handle this case.
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      Merge branch 'replace-increasing-mtime' into 'master' · 493d399b
      Alexander Larsson authored
      See merge request !21
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      Alexander Larsson authored
      This make replaced files have a strictly increasing st_mtime. The main
      usecase I have for this is to ensure the summary file mtime increases
      because the flatpak tests are failing due to the python httpd used
      in the tests rely on st_mtime for the http If-Modified-Since header.
      For the tests this breaks all the time since we're just doing a lot of
      summary updates. However, I can see this accidentally happening in the
      wild too, so i think its proper to always ensure the new summary is
      "newer", even though it means it will be timestamped slightly in the
      future. In practice this will not happen regularly, and the times it
      *does* happen we really do need it.
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    • Rebecca Turner's avatar
      glnx-fdio: try $TMPDIR if /var/tmp doesn't exist · 1ea9158c
      Rebecca Turner authored
      `glnx_open_anonymous_tmpfile` attempts to create an fd in `/var/tmp`
      regardless of the value of `$TMPDIR`.
      This is _usually_ okay, but can fail in some contexts, such as in the
      [NixOS][1] build environment, which doesn't have `/var` mapped at all.
      To avoid failing in this case, if the inner call to
      `glnx_open_anonymous_tmpfile_full` fails, we retrieve the value of
      `$TMPDIR` and try calling `glnx_open_anonymous_tmpfile_full` again with
      that directory instead.
      In the fast path (i.e. where `/var/tmp` exists), functionality is
      [1]: https://nixos.org/
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      Merge branch 'fix-wrpseudo-grammar' into 'master' · 84b981a2
      Colin Walters authored
      libglnx.m4: Fix grammar in help string
      See merge request !17
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      Merge branch 'pr/cfr-nfs' into 'master' · cd5a57e8
      Colin Walters authored
      glnx-fdio: handle EOPNOTSUPP for copy_file_range
      See merge request !18
    • Jonathan Lebon's avatar
      glnx-fdio: handle EOPNOTSUPP for copy_file_range · 7e3a1995
      Jonathan Lebon authored
      When using `copy_file_range` to target a source and dest on the same NFS
      mount on some older kernel versions, it's possible that we can get
      `EOPNOTSUPP` e.g. if the NFS server doesn't support server-side copy.
      We hit this in the FCOS release pipeline where we run `ostree
      pull-local` to pull content between two repos on the same mount from
      inside an OpenShift cluster on top of RHEL7.
      Nowadays, it seems like the kernel itself falls back to a more generic
      version of `copy_file_range()` at least. Though to be compatible with
      older kernels, let's add `EOPNOTSUPP` to the list of errors we interpret
      as "cfr possibly available, but can't be done for this specific
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