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LibGFBGraph 0.2.3
The major update in this version is the support fo the version 2.3 of
the Facebook Graph API.
The changes include:
- The tests has been improved to use the Facebook test API
(creating a test user).
- A node now can be linked to other (if allowed). This allow to
publish data to Facebook! For the moment just albums and photos.
- Bug #752380 Updated the API of Facebook Graph to version 2.3 due
deprecation of 1.0.
- The documentation has been polished and now respect parallel
================= =================
LibGFBGraph 0.2.2 LibGFBGraph 0.2.2
================= =================
LibGFBGraph LibGFBGraph
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A GObject library for Facebook Graph API A GObject library for Facebook Graph API
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