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      Added .gitignore file · 688efaba
      Daniel García Moreno authored
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      Added pagination to the GepubWidget · 26160504
      Daniel García Moreno authored
      I've added a property to set pagination on/off so the webkitwebview will
      be shown with or without scroll.
      The pagination is done with the column-width css property, setting the
      "body" with the widget width and height and the column-width with the
      same widget width, so we change the scroll from vertical to horizontal.
      Using this combined with "overflow" css property and with the "scrollTo"
      javascript function we can control the page showed.
      The position in the book we've the chapter number and the the position
      inside this chapter, the position is a percentage that we can get and
      set with "gepub_widget_(g/s)et_pos". We store a percentage to make it
      valid if the widget size changes, the page is not the same, but the
      position is always valid.
      To make this work well we need to remove margin and padding from the
      body tag, because this affects the column-width.
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      New release 0.4 · 37b240c7
      Daniel Garcia Moreno authored
      * Added .doap file
      * go_next and go_prev returns TRUE if success
      * Added functions to get the current doc mime and path
      * Fixed resource path for relative and doc paths
      * Remove libarchive from the public API
      * Simplify pkg-config file
      * Don't link the library against GTK+
      * Function to replace relative resources by epub://
      * utils: replace epub:// URIs for crosslinks too
      * utils: correctly terminate base URI
      * doc: fix wrong path when looking for resources
      * doc: make API to get resources consistent
      * Added GepubWidget class to show the content with webkit
      * Don't NULL-terminate document content
      * utils: remove unused variable
      * build: highlight introspection warnings
      * build: fix introspection warnings
      * Merge branch 'wip/cosimoc/fixes'
      * Fixes in gepub-widget to work with the last merge
      * widget: make it a WebKitWebView
      * widget: simplify code
      * Fix gtk-doc annotations
      * widget: make the GepubDoc a property
      * doc: remove unneeded API
      * doc: use htmlReadMemory()
      * widget: plug a memory leak
      * Rework API to be based on GBytes
      * doc: trivial indentation fix
      * Const-ify API methods that take strings
      * doc: don't call g_list_append()
      * doc: rework page API
      * widget: automatically reload chapter when current page changes
      * Ignore HTML entities parse error when loading xml
  12. 25 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      Ignore HTML entities parse error when loading xml · 395779ec
      Daniel Garcia Moreno authored
      We use libxml to load the xhtml and replace each resource path with a
      custom epub:// path. Libxml shows error in the stderr when the xhtml has
      html entities:
      Entity: line 21: parser error : Entity 'copy' not defined
      We don't mind html entities in this case, because we only want to replace
      resources path so I've replaced xmlRecoverMemory by xmlReadMemory to pass
      the parser options XML_PARSE_NOWARNING and XML_PARSE_NOERROR and we won't
      see the error in the console anymore.
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