Serve empty documents when path not found

Instead of not serving anything at all, serving an empty document
when a resource is not found will usually let the epub render properly.
parent 406b5653
......@@ -261,9 +261,16 @@ resource_callback (WebKitURISchemeRequest *request, gpointer user_data)
contents = gepub_doc_get_resource (widget->doc, path);
mime = gepub_doc_get_resource_mime (widget->doc, path);
// if the resource requested doesn't exist, we should serve an
// empty document instead of nothing at all (otherwise some
// poorly-structured ebooks will fail to render).
if (!contents) {
contents = g_byte_array_free_to_bytes(g_byte_array_sized_new(0));
mime = g_strdup("application/octet-stream");
if (!mime) {
g_free (uri);
mime = g_strdup("application/octet-stream");
stream = g_memory_input_stream_new_from_bytes (contents);
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