Commit 28357092 authored by Pavlo Solntsev's avatar Pavlo Solntsev Committed by Daniel Espinosa Ortiz

CI: Correcting path for artifact to keep docs

parent 45c285d1
......@@ -137,6 +137,8 @@ meson_build:
- mv doc/index.html ../public/
- mkdir ../public/C
- mv doc/C/* ../public/C/
- mv doc/C/libgda/html public/C/libgda-6.0
- mv doc/C/libgdaui/html public/C/libgdaui-6.0
- mkdir ../public/vala
- mv doc/Gda-6.0 ../public/vala
- mv doc/Gdaui-6.0 ../public/vala
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