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WIP: Minor improvements for MySQL(libGDA 6.0)

TAO ZUHONG requested to merge (removed):mysql into master

Minor improvements for MySQL(libGDA 6.0)

  1. Add flag CLIENT_INTERACTIVE to make a long connection; (Bug #245 (closed))
  2. Improve support for type GEOMETRY (Bug #247)
  3. Fixed: can't compile with LLVM 10
  4. Fixed: invalid module suffix(glib)
  5. improve NULL and empty text/varchar type data support
  6. Update g_memdup with g_memdup2
  7. Update g_time_zone_new with g_time_zone_new_identifier
  8. fixed: can't load SQLite lib on MacOS
  9. fixed: can't parse the format: point(x,y) or x,y
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