Commit f92c9697 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera Committed by W. Michael Petullo

dmap-share: Use idiomatic way of checking for errors

Use the retval of the API, instead of assuming that the API will always
set the error (it'd be a bug, but at least we'd go down the correct
branch). W. Michael Petullo's avatarW. Michael Petullo <>
parent 450b63bc
......@@ -233,6 +233,7 @@ _dmap_share_server_start (DMAPShare *share)
GError *error = NULL;
GSList *listening_uri_list;
SoupURI *listening_uri;
gboolean ret;
share->priv->server = soup_server_new (NULL, NULL);
......@@ -284,19 +285,19 @@ _dmap_share_server_start (DMAPShare *share)
(SoupServerCallback) ctrl_int_adapter,
share, NULL);
soup_server_listen_all (share->priv->server, desired_port, 0, &error);
ret = soup_server_listen_all (share->priv->server, desired_port, 0, &error);
if (error != NULL) {
if (ret == FALSE) {
g_warning ("Unable to start music sharing server on port %d: %s. "
"Trying any open IPv6 port", desired_port, error->message);
g_clear_error (&error);
soup_server_listen_all (share->priv->server, SOUP_ADDRESS_ANY_PORT,
0, &error);
ret = soup_server_listen_all (share->priv->server, SOUP_ADDRESS_ANY_PORT,
0, &error);
listening_uri_list = soup_server_get_uris (share->priv->server);
if (listening_uri_list == NULL) {
if (ret == FALSE || listening_uri_list == NULL) {
g_warning ("Unable to start music sharing server on any port.");
return FALSE;
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