Commit e433bafb authored by W. Michael Petullo's avatar W. Michael Petullo
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Don't error out when media filename includes %20, etc

Signed-off-by: W. Michael Petullo's avatarW. Michael Petullo <>
parent fcfcfbae
......@@ -457,7 +457,9 @@ add_entry_to_mlcl (gpointer id,
mapped_file = file_to_mmap (location);
if (mapped_file == NULL) {
g_error ("Error opening %s", location);
g_warning ("Error opening %s", location);
data = NULL;
size = 0;
} else {
data = (unsigned char *) g_mapped_file_get_contents (mapped_file);
size = g_mapped_file_get_length (mapped_file);
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