Commit 853af1ee authored by W. Michael Petullo's avatar W. Michael Petullo
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Parse metadata on GET /databases/1/containers

While trying to figure out why iTunes 10 does not work with
libdmapsharing, I noticed that libdmapsharing did not parse metadata
on a "GET /databases/1/containers" request (the metadata provided by
the response was hard coded). Because of this, libdmapsharing could
not identify unsupported metadata. Libdmapsharing now parses metadata
received from these requests.
Signed-off-by: W. Michael Petullo's avatarW. Michael Petullo <>
parent 7f0fbc2a
......@@ -1114,7 +1114,7 @@ _dmap_share_parse_meta (GHashTable *query, struct DMAPMetaDataMap *mdm)
_dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl (gpointer id, DMAPContainerRecord *record, gpointer mlcl)
_dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl (gpointer id, DMAPContainerRecord *record, gpointer _mb)
/* MLIT listing item
* MIID item id
......@@ -1125,11 +1125,16 @@ _dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl (gpointer id, DMAPContainerRecord *record, gpoi
GNode *mlit;
guint num_songs;
gchar *name;
struct MLCL_Bits *mb = (struct MLCL_Bits *) _mb;
num_songs = dmap_container_record_get_entry_count (record);
g_object_get (record, "name", &name, NULL);
mlit = dmap_structure_add ((GNode *) mlcl, DMAP_CC_MLIT);
/* FIXME: ITEM_ID, etc. is defined in DAAPShare, so I can't use
* with _dmap_share_client_requested() here (see add_entry_to_mlcl())
mlit = dmap_structure_add (mb->mlcl, DMAP_CC_MLIT);
dmap_structure_add (mlit, DMAP_CC_MIID, dmap_container_record_get_id (record));
/* we don't have a persistant ID for playlists, unfortunately */
dmap_structure_add (mlit, DMAP_CC_MPER, (gint64) dmap_container_record_get_id (record));
......@@ -1621,8 +1626,12 @@ _dmap_share_databases (DMAPShare *share,
gchar *nameprop;
GNode *aply;
GNode *mlcl;
GNode *mlit;
struct DMAPMetaDataMap *map;
struct MLCL_Bits mb = {NULL,0};
map = DMAP_SHARE_GET_CLASS (share)->get_meta_data_map (share);
mb.bits = _dmap_share_parse_meta (query, map);
g_object_get ((gpointer) share, "name", &nameprop, NULL);
......@@ -1631,17 +1640,17 @@ _dmap_share_databases (DMAPShare *share,
dmap_structure_add (aply, DMAP_CC_MUTY, 0);
dmap_structure_add (aply, DMAP_CC_MTCO, (gint32) dmap_container_db_count (share->priv->container_db) + 1);
dmap_structure_add (aply, DMAP_CC_MRCO, (gint32) dmap_container_db_count (share->priv->container_db) + 1);
mlcl = dmap_structure_add (aply, DMAP_CC_MLCL);
mb.mlcl = dmap_structure_add (aply, DMAP_CC_MLCL);
/* Base playlist: */
mlit = dmap_structure_add (mlcl, DMAP_CC_MLIT);
mlit = dmap_structure_add (mb.mlcl, DMAP_CC_MLIT);
dmap_structure_add (mlit, DMAP_CC_MIID, (gint32) 1);
dmap_structure_add (mlit, DMAP_CC_MPER, (gint64) 1);
dmap_structure_add (mlit, DMAP_CC_MINM, nameprop);
dmap_structure_add (mlit, DMAP_CC_MIMC, dmap_db_count (share->priv->db));
dmap_structure_add (mlit, DMAP_CC_ABPL, (gchar) 1);
dmap_container_db_foreach (share->priv->container_db, (GHFunc) _dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl, (gpointer) mlcl);
dmap_container_db_foreach (share->priv->container_db, (GHFunc) _dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl, &mb);
_dmap_share_message_set_from_dmap_structure (share, message, aply);
dmap_structure_destroy (aply);
......@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ bitwise _dmap_share_parse_meta_str (const char *attrs,
void _dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl (gpointer id,
DMAPContainerRecord *record,
gpointer mlcl);
gpointer mb);
GSList * _dmap_share_build_filter (gchar *filterstr);
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