Commit 7b85e01c authored by W. Michael Petullo's avatar W. Michael Petullo
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Make _dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl a proper GHashFunc

Signed-off-by: W. Michael Petullo's avatarW. Michael Petullo <>
parent 208c2e17
17 March 2010 W. Michael Petullo <>
* Make _dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl a proper GHashFunc.
15 March 2010 W. Michael Petullo <>
* Set def. and min. value of track, year and disc to 0 (not 1) in
* Use -D instead of dmap-priv.h to define G_LOG_DOMAIN.
11 March 2010 W. Michael Petullo <>
......@@ -995,7 +995,7 @@ _dmap_share_parse_meta (GHashTable *query, struct DMAPMetaDataMap *mdm, guint md
_dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl (DMAPContainerRecord *record, gpointer mlcl)
_dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl (gpointer id, DMAPContainerRecord *record, gpointer mlcl)
/* MLIT listing item
* MIID item id
......@@ -193,8 +193,9 @@ bitwise _dmap_share_parse_meta_str (const char *attrs,
struct DMAPMetaDataMap *mdm,
guint mdmlen);
void _dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl (DMAPContainerRecord *record,
gpointer mlcl);
void _dmap_share_add_playlist_to_mlcl (gpointer id,
DMAPContainerRecord *record,
gpointer mlcl);
/* Virtual methods (libsoup callbacks with default implementation): */
void _dmap_share_content_codes (DMAPShare *share,
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