Commit 1a9c42dc authored by W. Michael Petullo's avatar W. Michael Petullo
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Fix API documentation links to CSS and logo

Signed-off-by: W. Michael Petullo's avatarW. Michael Petullo <>
parent 339d89f9
......@@ -124,10 +124,10 @@ endif
-include $(top_srcdir)/
sed 's/images\/logo_head.png/\.\.\/\.\.\/\.\.\/\.\.\/images\/logo_head.png/g' ~/Public/ > tmpl/head.html
sed 's/images\/logo_head.png/\.\.\/\.\.\/\.\.\/images\/logo_head.png/g' ~/Public/ > tmpl/head.html
# Add header and point stylesheet to stylesheet
for h in html/*.html; do \
sed '/<body/ r tmpl/head.html' $$h | sed 's/style.css/\.\.\/\.\.\/\.\.\/\.\.\/' \
sed '/<body/ r tmpl/head.html' $$h | sed 's/style.css/\.\.\/\.\.\/\.\.\/' \
> ~/Public/`basename $$h`; \
cp html/*.png ~/Public/
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