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      shortcuts: add global activation phases · 07155066
      Christian Hergert authored
      This adds an activation phase for global keybindings. You can have them as
      either CAPTURE or BUBBLE phases. If CAPTURE, they run before the normal
      capture phase of the hierarchy. If BUBBLE, then run after the BUBBLE phase
      of the hierarchy.
      There are still some things I wish we could do here, but getting all these
      pieces to work well together has been quite tricky. Especially as we have
      contexts, chords, and integration with the previous GtkBindingSets.
      DzlShortcutPhase has been made a flags type, so we can bitwise-OR the
      GLOBAL bit with the capture/bubble phases.
      This breaks the ABI of the DzlShortcutEntry while we can still do that
      without too much disruption. (Given that nothing is using this except
      our branch of Builder).
      I think we should add a property/attribute to the XML theme files that
      allow us to have a phase specified for global keybindings. That is
      currently a missing piece.
      We might, someday, want to get really tricky with things and allow global
      activation based on the current context. That is going to make things
      much more tricky and I'm just not up to it right now.
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      shortcuts: add phase tracking to controller commands · 047c9659
      Christian Hergert authored
      This allows specifying a phase for controller commands. This is useful when you
      want some actions/callbacks/etc to happen within a certain dispatch phase of
      the shortcut activation.
      For example, you might want certainly global shortcuts to never be overridable,
      but others to be captured by a webview.
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      menu-button: add menu button helper · 0bc4d143
      Christian Hergert authored
      This is meant to be a base menu button class that we can use
      for a few different situations in Builder. We want to be able
      to replace the perspectives icon, the layoutstack icon (with
      different theming), the run menu, and the gear menu with this.
      It should handle the various styling we need as well as custom
      GMenu information we support. It also needs to auto-update the
      accelerator when that changes from keytheme changes.
      This handles some of that, but continues to need iteration.
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