Commit c753a4a9 authored by Jiří Techet's avatar Jiří Techet

Add a comment about LT_VERSION bump into meson

parent eefecbda
......@@ -24,6 +24,13 @@ else
api_version = '.'.join([version_major, version_minor])
# Before making a release, the LT_VERSION string should be modified.
# The string is of the form C:R:A.
# - If interfaces have been changed or added, but binary compatibility has
# been preserved, change to C+1:0:A+1
# - If binary compatibility has been broken (eg removed or changed interfaces)
# change to C+1:0:0
# - If the interface is the same as the previous version, change to C:R+1:A
lib_version = '0.10.0'
package_name = meson.project_name().strip('lib')
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