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libchamplain 0.12.17 (2019-02-20)
Stable release
* Use of meson build system, CI tests and automatized generation of
documentation (Martin Blanchard)
* Various map wrapping fixes (Tomasz Miąsko, Jiří Techet)
* Pass data as uint8 pointer in champlain_renderer_set_data() and make this
function introspectable (James Westman)
* Bump versions of some dependencies - clutter (1.24), glib (2.38) - and fix
depreciation warnings (Jiří Techet)
* Use https for all map sources that support it (Jiří Techet)
* Don't version-control generated vapi files (Jiří Techet)
* Combine champlain and champlain-gtk documentations into one (Jiří Techet)
* More helpful with links to pages related to libchamplain
(Jiří Techet)
* Various housekeeping and cleanups (Jiří Techet, Andre Klapper)
libchamplain 0.12.16 (2017-09-06)
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