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libchamplain 0.12 README
libchamplain is a Clutter based widget to display rich, eye-candy and
libchamplain is a Clutter based Gtk widget to display rich, eye-candy and
interactive maps.
libchamplain requires:
* glib >= 2.38
* gdk >= 3.0
* gtk >= 3.0
* clutter >= 1.24
* clutter-gtk >= 1.0
* cairo >= 1.4
* sqlite >= 3.0
* libsoup >= 2.42
If you are building libchamplain-gtk, you will also need:
* gtk >= 3.0
* clutter-gtk >= 1.0
If you are building libchamplain with local rendering support, you will
also need:
* libmemphis >= 0.2.1
To build using autotools, run:
./; make; sudo make install
The usual rules for building apply:
Alternatively, when using the meson build system, run:
meson _builddir; cd _builddir; ninja; sudo ninja install
./; make; sudo make install; sudo ldconfig
The repository and bug report page is at:
should do the right thing. For more details consult the INSTALL file in this
directory. Alternatively, using the meson build system, run
Release tarballs can be downloaded from:
meson _builddir; cd _builddir; ninja; sudo ninja install
For a simple examples how to use the library, check the `demos` directory;
in particular, the `minimal-gtk.c` and `` demos are good starting
points to see how to get the most basic map application running.
The official website is:
Full documentation can be found at:
The official mailing list archive is:
The official mailing list is at:
New bug page on GitLab:
The official IRC channel is at:
libchamplain is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License, version 2.1 or (at your option) later.
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