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    Improve the build-api compatibility script · e6298616
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    Currently, the configure script is mostly meant for the convenience of
    GNOME Continuous, but with minimal changes we can make it an appropriate
    wrapper to the autotools-like build-api.
    We can ensure that Meson is invoked with the location of the build
    directory, as well as the source directory; we can also ensure that the
    Makefile wrapper around Ninja is capable to calling Ninja with the
    location of the generated build.ninja file.
    Finally, we can generate a simple `check` target that calls `mesontest`
    in the build directory.
    These changes allow building JSON-GLib following the usual sequence:
      ./configure …
      make check
      make install
    While keeping all the build-related files under a build directory
    (except for the generated Makefile, which can be safely ignored).
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