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      Delete all .la files, not just toplevel ones · 965c8d5c
      Colin Walters authored
      Just removing the toplevel ones is problematic because ones in
      subdirectories may reference the now-deleted ones.
      Fedora seems to be doing fine just deleting them all on a per-module
      basis, so let's try just doing it by default.  No one in GNOME should
      be using libtldl anyways, they should be using GModule.
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      Delete no longer shipped files at install time · 9dcbb9ad
      Colin Walters authored
      Many very difficult to debug build problems arise when a component at
      some point in time ships a file (like a shared library), then later
      switches to not shipping it, but the file remains in the jhbuild root.
      This patch adjusts jhbuild to finally take advantage of the manifests
      we have in the packagedb thanks to using make install DESTDIR.
      I unified some work being done in 'jhbuild uninstall' with the install
      process in a new 'fileutils.py'.
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    • Colin Walters's avatar
      build/buildone: Always run autogen, remove alwaysautogen config option · 96182ea6
      Colin Walters authored
      For what I'm fairly sure was originally a "speed" rationale, jhbuild
      has up until now required a "-a" option to enable running autogen.sh.
      However, one thing I am trying hard to eradicate from jhbuild is hard
      to debug build failures.  And not running autogen.sh after we've done
      a git pull, and then maybe relying on the module's AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
      to rerun the autotools is a big source of very very hard to debug
      failures.  There are actually some situations that 'make' cannot
      reasonably detect (such as switching from recursive to nonrecursive
      Recently we added 'jhbuild make' which is more of the developer 'make
      go fast' button one can use when actively hacking on a module.  It is
      now explicitly defined to skip autogen.sh.
      As far as the concern "but my builds are going to be slow!!!", I have
      multiple answers to that:
      0) We've already landed the partial build work, so you already have
         less to build than you did historically.
      1) We are going to make up some of the speed by defaulting to parallel
         make, like we should have from day 0.  A patch already exists.
      2) We can be more intelligent about detecting whether we need to run
         autogen.sh (this is a bit tricky but not impossible)
      3) Longer term, jhbuild will be shipping binaries from gnome.org, so
         you will really only have to build what you modify.
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