Commit d20b6e74 authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi

Remove circular dependency of gtk-doc on glib

Commit 59e38a6f added glib as a
dependency of gtk-doc, but glib depends on gtk-doc, which means we have
a circular dependency.

This is not a huge deal for Linux; gtk-doc is available on all
distributions, so it can be installed on the system. On non Linux
systems, though, this is a lot more tricky.

The reason why gtk-doc depends on glib is to run part of its test suite;
since this is not a requirement for jhbuild, we should disable the
gtk-doc tests, and remove the circular dependency.
parent 9cb17759
......@@ -965,10 +965,9 @@
<meson id="gtk-doc">
<meson id="gtk-doc" mesonargs="-Dtests=false">
<dep package="glib"/>
<dep package="libxslt"/>
<dep package="yelp-tools"/>
<dep package="libtool"/>
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