Commit abece75a authored by Marcin Wojdyr's avatar Marcin Wojdyr Committed by Craig Keogh

fix for supports-non-srcdir-builds in autotools (GNOME bug 671634)

added missing 'instance.'
parent 04e72911
......@@ -348,7 +348,8 @@ def parse_autotools(node, config, uri, repositories, default_repo):
instance.makeinstallargs = makeinstallargs
if node.hasAttribute('supports-non-srcdir-builds'):
supports_non_srcdir_builds = (node.getAttribute('supports-non-srcdir-builds') != 'no')
instance.supports_non_srcdir_builds = \
(node.getAttribute('supports-non-srcdir-builds') != 'no')
if node.hasAttribute('skip-autogen'):
skip_autogen = node.getAttribute('skip-autogen')
if skip_autogen == 'true':
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