Commit 71b8823e authored by Christoph Reiter's avatar Christoph Reiter 🐍

gtk+-3: switch to meson

See gtk#1771

This loses the installed tests and the mir backend because they haven't
been ported yet.

If anything breaks, please file a bug. If anything major breaks feel
free to revert.
parent 44e240c9
......@@ -919,18 +919,18 @@
<autotools id="gtk+-3" autogenargs="--enable-broadway-backend --enable-installed-tests">
<meson id="gtk+-3" mesonargs="-Dbroadway_backend=true -Dman=true">
<if condition-set="x11">
<autogenargs value="--enable-x11-backend"/>
<mesonargs value="-Dx11_backend=true"/>
<if condition-set="wayland">
<autogenargs value="--enable-wayland-backend"/>
<if condition-set="mir">
<autogenargs value="--enable-mir-backend"/>
<mesonargs value="-Dwayland_backend=true"/>
<if condition-set="quartz">
<autogenargs value="--enable-quartz-backend"/>
<mesonargs value="-Dquartz_backend=true"/>
<if condition-set="macos">
<mesonargs value="-Dman=false"/>
<branch repo="" checkoutdir="gtk+-3" module="GNOME/gtk.git" revision="gtk-3-24"/>
......@@ -965,7 +965,7 @@
<dep package="desktop-file-utils"/>
<dep package="shared-mime-info"/>
<meson id="gtk-doc">
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